We all become fools when it comes to love.

“..My foolishness is a side-effect of your existence.”

That feeling that I have for you shall not be expressed with any known words, because, my love, you make me experience a multitude of beautiful emotions that I’m grateful for. Although dear, this unrequited love is killing me like potent poison kills a tiny insect. My heart melts every time I see you, but indeed, it harms it too, one day my emotions will perish at the dawn of a new time. Time in which I hope I’ll be capable of seeing you without my heart rate increasing, a time in which my eyes will not be yours, in which your smile will not invoke mine, and your presence will not be as valued as it is now. But right now, I’m probably incapable of such a thing, each time I see you, I’m lucky if I don’t start acting like a complete fool. My foolishness is clearly a side-effect of your own existence. There’s no-one in this open world to whom I am more attracted than you. My entire world paralyzes every time I see your name written somewhere, or when I hear something about you. Perhaps you’re only a mirage, an illusion produced by my mind, to drive me crazy. My love for you could only be compared to the love Don Quixote had for adventure, you clearly are an adventure, a great adventure I don’t happen to have the pleasure to be in. The love Don Quixote had for adventure is so similar to my love for thee, that makes me wonder if this is an act of stupidity or an act of pure love. I just hope that at the very end our story is not like Don Quixote’s story because it would be rather unpleasant to recover my consciousness only when my love for you is practically extinct. But it would be better, I believe, than living my entire life with you in my mind, while I’m not even in your deepest memory.

© Gabriel Berm

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