The Very First Moment

Every thought that sparkles through a person’s head when it sees someone astonishingly beautiful.

“Every heartbeat my heart made became a serenade to your existence.”

Since the second that I gazed at your beautiful sparkling brown eyes, I knew my heart would never beat the same way and that my brain could barely keep it up with the love I was starting to feel for you. Every heartbeat my heart made became a serenade to your existence. Your lips became a mystery that will likely stay unsolved for me. Your beauty makes the whole stared night to dedicate its stars to your existence. Your heart and mind took over mine, every thought I have started with you in my mind. And God, your voice, your voice is just perfect, and your laugh became my favorite thing to listen to. Holding your hand began to mature into an unreasonable but worth goal to go after. If only this unrequited love could be a required one, my world would change, and I’ll try to change yours in the best of ways. I would rather be dead if you were not in this world, even if we’re not together and we have a million miles between us; because the world without you would be an empty place, a miserable place. All the love songs I listen to are dedicated to you only my dear; life is too short to live without love even if that love is unrequited, it’s love at the end. Arguably the most heartbreaking for of it, but a living without love is not a worth living life. My deepest thoughts are with you, and these lines are a poor attempt, to show you, my love.

© Gabriel Berm

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