Wondrous days

Of eternal hope

That leave us all alone

Frighting nights

Of calm abroad

Fill our hearts

With nothing but sorrow

But on that evening

Among thunderstorms in May

We saw that perhaps

There’s some glory in pain

© Gabriel Berm



When the stars
Seemed a little brighter
And clocks
were ticking faster
I felt sometimes
Your hand on top of mine
When mornings cried light
And your heart
Beat closer to mine
That’s when I knew
That your eyes
Time defied

© Gabriel Berm


Rhyme #7

Your eyes were as big as my doubts

Your words less hard than I thought

The love 

Unrequited as it must

Yet my hands were shaking as you talked

Your smile prevented me to cry

The reason why

Shall only be known by the stars in the sky

For all of those things are barely memories

And I’m not the one you want in your routine

My God what I would give for you to see me

In the way that you see him

My God what I would give 

For you to say the words “I do too”

When I say I love you

© Gabriel Berm



There’s a multitude in your eyes

And in your smile

There’s life where it must

And lust where it’s just

The heart beats louder before it stops

Yet love is fainter before it’s gone

For all our troubles are no more

Than the multitude in your eyes

Before they’re shut

© Gabriel Berm



Unrequited love
There’s never enough
To bring our hearts and minds to sorrow
To make us long for what might’ve been
For making us cry for what never was
Hoping for the solitude to come to pass
Thinking that we belong in someone’s arms
For misery and hope
are both sides of the same coin
It’s only dark because dawn is close

© Gabriel Berm



May the pains of today

Be the joys of tomorrow

May the life that you long

Be better than you thought of

May your smile

Shine brighter every night

And may your heart

Be cherished as it must

© Gabriel Berm

poesia Spanish (Español)

100 Years Ago

When love seemed to be in the cards
And I met your mom and dad
When I discovered the kiss
And you discovered me
When you liked my jokes
And your eyes were bright
It feels like 100 years ago
When I had someone to talk
And you called late at night
When you told me I wasn’t bad
Yet I still cried for you afterward
It feels like 100 years ago
When our love fell apart
And the tears were my fault
When you kissed him
And I spent months in sorrow
It feels like 100 years ago
© Gabriel Berm



There’s something I like about you, I’m sure there is. There must be. Your eyes? Perhaps. Your smile? I wouldn’t lie if I say it might. Your way of life? That could be somehow. If it’s not all of that then what is what I want? Is it the fact that you’re not with me but you’re with them? Is it the no so tender way you talk to me? Or is it the fact that you just don’t like me?

©️ Gabriel Berm

Spanish (Español)


Las palabras se diluyen en un océano de pensamientos mal habidos. Que fuerte suenan las agujas del reloj cuando la vida se acelera. Que tristes son las primaveras sin verte con tu vestido cereza. El despojo se apodera de las últimas gotas de esperanza que brotan de un corazón desgarrado de latir por los mismos ojos y por los mismos labios. Ahora las mañanas son siempre de resaca y las noches un misterio. Me pierdo en el enigma de las botellas de ron y los ceniceros. La vida al final no es más  que una alucinación y el amor, la droga por definición.

©️ Gabriel Berm



Swiping and swiping

Swiping my tears away

Swiping my loneliness

Swiping all my heartbreaks

Auctioning my love

Begging for some crumbs

Yet still having hope

That someday 

I’ll need to swipe no more

©️ Gabriel Berm